Course Fees for Transcendental Meditation As of 20 August 2015

Our course fees cover the full six-month programme, teaching you the technique and helping you become thoroughly self-sufficient in the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

Standard individual adult course fee

HK$ 6,800

  • The average tuition for a TM course is HK$6,800. Scholarship of 20% or 50% off for full time students, unemployed and people who have financial difficulties.

Once a course has commenced refunds are not possible. -

Student fee

  • High school student or full-time University student with student card:
  • HK$ 3,400

Word of Wisdom

under 10 years old

  • HK$ 1,700



VIP/Personal course fee

For more information, please contact our local TM teacher.


Certified Teachers 

or Call

+852 3908 5999


Michael Andrew, TM meditator

Shreya Kundu,
Consultant, Accenture

"Apart from relaxation and inner peace, TM has brought a new founded happiness in my life. Now I smile all the time without any reason. I am more organised with my daily schedule and I have a lot of energy to accomplish many things throughout the day. I have started to have faith that no matter how challenging the situation is, things will work out perfectly. "